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VH-A2 Natural Antler Handle Steak Knives Set (6)

VH-A2 Natural Antler Handle Steak Knives Set (6)

Defined by our exclusively designed, hand-turned handles created from naturally shed elk antler and sparely ornamented with a rounded pewter end cap, our highest quality serrated stainless steel bladed steak knives feature our Rustic Antler handles, sensuously curved and expertly weighted for dining in comfort. This exquisite set is delivered in an elegant presentation and preservation box. A must have addition to any flatware pattern, steak knives are an American cutlery invention. They became popular after WW II, when table knives became rounded and crafted so as not to require frequent sharpening.
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    Wash with warm soapy water. Do not let to set in water. Oil once a year with lemon oil. The Antler darking with age and get get rich color.
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